People with a variety of backgrounds join SHEEP Indonesia Foundation. They are contributing to the diversity o experience which makes SHEEP effective in serving the people.

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SHEEP Volunteers

SHEEP volunteer is a person who is willing to contribute time, energy and ideas for the attainment of organisational goal, whether in the form of concept or technical expertise, without any regular payment involved. The person has the limited responsibility when joining as a volunteer. Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia has 3 criterias, that is Expert Volunteers, Technical Volunteers, and Professional Volunteers.

  • Submit a letter of application to the SHEEP Indonesia Foundation office address or via email at office@sheepindonesia.org. What needs to be stated is in what fields will contribute, as well as the length of period you will join.
  • Selection based on volunteer needs planning made by the Commission or Bureau.
  • Submissions that meet the requirements and needs will be provided with information related to the work to be carried out and fill out a volunteer data form prepared by the Secretariat Bureau staff, and supporting documents will be provided according to the volunteer needs.
  • When administrative activities are fulfilled, volunteers will attend orientation and placement.


  • Submit application based on recruitment by YSI as required.
  • The application will be assessed on the basis of agreed recruitment specification.
  • Once accepted, volunteers will fill out a form provided by the secretariate. The latter will also assist volunteers with whatever is required.
  • Once the administrative work is done, volunteers will attend introductory and placement workshop.

Building Resilience Community Program

  • Community organizing.
  • Policy studies and advocacy.
  • Health education and promotion.
  • Facilitators on contextual issues to encourage the strengthening of Community Base Organizations (CBO). For example: organic farming, building peace, village mapping, micro-enterprise analysis, etc.

Research Program (Research support)

  • Water filter research.
  • Participatory action research on Community Health System.
  • Participatory action research on Food Sovereignty
  • Action research for Capacity of Local Government and Civil Society Organisation on DRR.

Disaster Management Program

  • Emergency Response: Assessment, Medical and Non-Medical Services.
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction: field facilitators, expert/ professional volunteers.
  • Disaster preparedness and mitigation: facilitator training, volunteer network management.

Institutional Support Program

  • Management of information and communication media (website, studio and portal).
  • Translating documents and media content.
  • Administration and database management.
  • Development of program data baseline.
  • Library and references management.

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E-mail: office@sheepindonesia.org
Phone: +62 (274) 542 030
Fax: +62 (274) 542 030

Jalan. Bimokurdo No. 11
Yogyakarta 55221


Siberut Field Secretariat
Dusun Teitei Sinabak, Meileppet, Siberut Selatan

Mentawai Field Secretariat
Jl. Raya KM 2 Komplek Perumnas Dusun Karoniet No.56, Tuapejat, Sipora Utara Kab. Kepulauan Mentawai – SUMBAR

Sabu Raijua Field Secretariat
Mebba RT 002/RW 001 Lingkungan 2 Mebba Kota Kel. Mebba, Kec. Sabu Barat Kab. Sabu raijua – NTT

Kupang Field Secretariat
Naibonat RT 046 RW 019, Naibonat, Kupang Timur

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