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Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

is a non-government organization with a mandate to empower the communities, particularly in the field of health, education, environmental sustainability and peace.



To become a partner of development and innovation in marginal community empowerment in Indonesia



To empower marginal communities so that they become resilient and critical

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Jalan. Bimokurdo No. 11
Yogyakarta 55221

Siberut Field Secretariat
Dusun Teitei Sinabak, Meileppet, Siberut Selatan

Mentawai Field Secretariat
Jl. Raya KM 2 Komplek Perumnas Dusun Karoniet No.56, Tuapejat, Sipora Utara Kab. Kepulauan Mentawai – SUMBAR

Sabu Raijua Field Secretariat
Mebba RT 002/RW 001 Lingkungan 2 Mebba Kota Kel. Mebba, Kec. Sabu Barat Kab. Sabu raijua – NTT

Kupang Field Secretariat
Naibonat RT 046 RW 019, Naibonat, Kupang Timur

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+62 (274) 542 030, Jalan. Bimokurdo No. 11, Sapen, Yogyakarta 55221, Indonesia

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