YSI Measures against the spread of COVID-19 in Target Areas

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COVID-19 pandemic is a national disaster (Indonesian Government, 13 April 2020). This is a response to the increasing number of cases. The Disaster Management Authority ( data indicates that the number of positive COVID-19 patients in Indonesia totals 6,575 (19 April 2020), with deaths recorded at 582 people while 686 people recovered. Globally, there are 2,407,400 positive COVID-19, with 165,071 deaths and 625,131 people recovered.


Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia (YSI), as a non-government organization working in community empowerment and disaster management, actively play its part in COVID-19-related community education and prevention in target areas. There are a total of seven target areas – three villages in Yogyakarta, eight villages in East Aceh & Tamiang, five villages in Mentawai, three villages in Pandeglang Banten, six villages in Lombok, eight villages in Sabu Raijua and eight villages in Central Sulawesi.

Total data of positive COVID-19 infection in each city/town and district in target areas, between 1 April 2020 and 16 April 2020 is as follows.

The data may increase when there is lack of both alertness and awareness. With this in mind, YSI designs education media in the forms of leaflets, banners, as well as social media campaign to encourage communities to implement preventive measures such as social distancing, healthy and clean lifestyle, handwashing, and identifying those most vulnerable. This education media is coupled with provision of hand washing materials, hand sanitizer and masks that YSI distributed in 7 target areas.

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