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Tarop and Banana Post Harvest Processing

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(Sipora Selatan, Mentawai Island)

Taro and banana still become staple food in Mentawai Island. The production is scaling up in YSI assisted villages.

The assistance given was not only how to cultivate and what are the benefits of taro and banana but also how to improve taro and banana product so give value added for community income. The assistance was in form of post-harvest processing training.

In Sipora sub district, post-harvest processing training was held on April – May 2017. The training gave good impact for community’s economic improvement. Post-harvest processings of taro and banana are varied. Moreover, the community is more passionate to market their product as it gives more income. In Matobe, Saureinu, Bosua and Beriulou, the impact is obvious that makes women eagerly do it. Furthermore, communities from the assisted villages cooperate each other, one focus on cultivation (supplier), other focus on post-harvest processing of taro and banana. This kind of cooperation is important for sustainable production and product processing.

In Metobe Village, taro and banana post-harvest processing is done by Simeruk CBO and now 5 new member joined and developed it independently. Almost similar, Gougo Baga, CBO in Saureinu, developed their business to cultivation and post-harvest processing. Whereas, Buah Simeruk CBO (Bosua village) and Rorosibau CBO (Berjulou Village) focus on taro and banana cultivation due to their wide land and active CBO members. Lack of agriculture machinery still become a problem for them.

Support from local government did matter for the community. Department of Agriculture gave support in form of agriculture equipment and cultivation training which make the taro production better. Three villages (Saureinu, Bosua, and Beriulou) are expanding the cultivation land to accommodate the rising demand. Bosua village got support from Department of Industry, Trade and Cooperative to market their product. Further, CBO in Bosua will scale up production, apply for homemade industry license and halal certification.

This business progress give benefit for farmers as supplier of banana and taro in Mentawai. Therefore, marketing of the products in local market need to be widen. Further, support from Department of Transportation is needed to expand the marketing and give information about shipping schedule, also help packaging material availability. Hopefully all of these community efforts can continue and continue to develop well.

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Last modified on 27 April 2020