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Strengthening Organisational Management

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Sipora Selatan, Mentawai Islands - The word órganisation’or group is so familiar. There are many types of organisation or groups featuring different academic, social or political backgrounds. There are organisations or groups that exist only for a short period of time, and some that exist but never evolve. SHEEP Indonesia Foundation (YSI) believes that this is a serious matter, that many community organisations and/or group just do not show much progress in their life cycle. They seemed to fall asleep.

On average, people in target areas are familiar with organisations and/or groups. They have local organisations, but these do not evolve or grow. Hence, there is prevalent view that organisations exist only in theory while the reality is far from the ideal.

So, YSI initiates training for organisational management for communities in three villages - Matobe, Saureinuk and Nemnemleleu in Sipora Selatan Subdistrict in Mentawai Islands, from 30 May 2017 to 02 June 2017. An average of 25 people (rural people and village government officials) attended each training session.
Training helped participants get better understanding of the importance of values, roles and spirit to be stipulated clearly at the early stage of organisations, and the important roles of organisations to control local development and budget management. (WR)

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