Education 11 August 2017 Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

Gender Perspective in Village Development Policy.

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Rural development in community empowerment contexts, aimed at improving independence and wellbeing, needs to be done so that an autonomous,s elf-regulated community is formed. The process must emphasize participation and involvement of all elements of the community – they are key driving factor and should have no gender bias separating men and women.

Gender is about rights and roles including how men and women responsibilities are shaped by family environment, community and culture. Gender is about community construction of differences regarding men and women functions and social roles, hence gender practices are not uniform in all places, depending on differences, gender practices can change from time to time.

Facilitated by Anna Marsiana, capacity building for YSI staff proceeded on 14 July 2017. It involved in-depth exploration of village development and how gender-related agenda can be incorporated into village development.

According to Wuri, a staff member in the field of human resources, the objective of the capacity building is to give broader perspectives on gender. This is so that these perspectives can be used in efforts to assist communities in determining community development policies.

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