Education 02 June 2017 Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

Understanding regulatory principles in the management of village development

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South Sipora, Mentawai Islands - To date, there are still many village governments and communities who are unsure of how to interpret each section of ‘Law No 6. 2014’ about village. Budgeting, particularly with regards to the regulatory principles, is a primary concern, more than other aspects of the law (Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 6 2014 Article 3).

Given the importance of this law, Yayasan Sheep Indonesia (YSI) conducted training in partner regions to help understand the regulatory principles in village development management, specifically in the villages of Matobe, Saureinu and Nemnemleleu located in the Mentawai Islands.

YSI training on 30th May 2017 to 2nd June 2017 proved essential, in the context of prevailing uncertainty within village governments and communities about the regulatory principles within Law no. 6/2014 on Village..

‘Have you ever read or heard about the village management principle? This principle is articulated in Law No. 6/2014 about the village’, YSI facilitator Wahyu Wibisono asked as an opening statement, and 20 participants from each village were smiling and shaking their heads .

YSI training focused on three key principles without reducing the importance of other principles. These were diversity (pluralism), equality (in regards to gender) and participation (in all aspects of society). (WR)

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