Meeting Basic Need and Rights

Basic needs and rights remain top development agenda fort he next 15 years. Yet, they are often drowned out by othet issues that take ore priorities, at both global and national level, such as terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and so on. At the national level, public attention focused more on politic of the day while basic needs get little attention. Media analysis indicates three major public issues – law, politics and economy – receive more than 70% media coverage than poverty, health, education and social issues, which only receive no more than 5% of media attention.

The above fact shows the importance of a strategy to build critical awareness in order to strengthen public attention to basic needs and rights. YSI has chosen a strategic path by building community resilience in basic needs and rights in Aceh Tamiang and East Aceh, Mentawai Islands, Central Java, Tanah Karo North Sumatra, Yogyakarta and Sabu-Raijua Islands.