Lombok Earthquake

ER Lombok 24 August 2018 Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

Emergency response of Lombok earthquake, 24 August 2018

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Health services for survivors of Lombok earthquake continues to 24 August 2018. YSI found disease trend for Acute Upper Respiratory Infection and Diarrhea.

The medical team found the inadequacy of sanitation and environment condition – i.e. shelters – and the reluctance of survivors to use in-house toilets due to lingeirng trauma, and the difficult access to government clean water distribution network as some facilities got damaged by the earthquake.

The latter encouraged YSI team to provide pipes to survivors to replace damaged ones in Santong. But distribution is no easy matter, as the geography is quit tough and prone to sliding, so careful, time- and energy-consuming efforts are required to navigate the mountaineous terrain of Rinjani. With supports from survivors the repair work was completed successfully and the repaired system brought clean water to survivors in 14 hamlets in Santong Village (700 households).

In addition, distributed mats, tarpaulin, sheets and pipes to access clean water. On 23 August 2018, logistics arrived at YSI post. Subsequently, YSI team and village officials discussed beneficiaries and distribution mechanism. It was essential that distribution paied attention to the most vulnerable groups.

In light of Governor’s instruction, the emerency response ends on 25 August 2018. After the emergency response period,  the next stage was a transition to recovery. This transition is marked by shifting emphasis from temporary shelter to permanent settlement, based on technical assessment by the authority. The assessment takes into account the urgency of recovering a well-functining vital infrastructure and socio-economic activities of survivors.

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