Health 01 November 2016 Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

Health Promotion amongst Children Fleeing Mount Sinabung Eruption.

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Children are not always high risk group in the event of a disaster, although the latter may lead to children’s vulnerabilities. Children separated from parents in refugee camps may be more vulnerable than children who stay together with their parents. This is what happens to children in 9 camps after Mount Sinabung eruptions.

The majority of camp residents are children and the elderly, while parents choose to remain in their village, working on family agricultural land, while always on alert for immediate evacuation. YSI conducts health promotion amongst children in these camps as part of actions to reduce children’s vulnerability (re: access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities). Information about self-care and the care of immediate local environment are given to children in small groups who take turns in keeping the local environment clean. Areas around water tanks and wells should be kept clean off dirt and rubbish to prevent contamination of bacteria that causes diseases (diarhea, dengue fever, typhoid).

Groups most consistent in meeting their assigned tasks are given awards - refreshing trip out of the camp. All children are happy with the arrangement. The first Refreshing trip took place on Monday, 23 October 2016 to Berastagi. A total of 21 children from 3 camps (Jambur KORPRI, Tongkoh & Ndokum Siroga) enjoyed drawing, writing, singing, dancing as well as lunch. This award helps keep children focused on their assignments while at the same time learn about the importance of healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, they will carry this awareness to their respective family when they meet their parents. [TERS]

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