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Environment 06 September 2019

Coastal Community Portrait of Sumur, Banten

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Tsunami hit Pandeglang Banten in the end of 2018 left severe damage. It affect the survivor’s settlement and economy. The majority of survivor who have income as fisherman and farmers have decreased yield and quality. This condition drive various parties concern on livelihood recovery, especially related to water supply for farming and daily need.

Therefore, SHEEP Indonesia collaborate with WALHI Jakarta did assessment in Sumur Subdistrict, Pandeglang, Banten. The assessment focus on the extent disaster impact on water distribution and water availability.  Field survey and interview with survivor done in three villages namely Ujung Jaya, Taman Jaya, and Cigorondong.

margin-left: 8pxDamage of farmland found in Ujung Jaya Village. Tsunami caused crop failure since sea water inundate the farmland. Sea water intrude several water sources near the beach line thus it is salty and cannot be used. For consumption, people use two main freshwater sources in Ujung Jaya. Water reservoir and pipe system were built to distribute freshwater. People still use their wells for washing and bathing. Several people still do not have adequate latrine thus dispose excreta in beach and estuary.

Almost the same with Ujung Jaya village, people in Taman Jaya village do not have adequate latrine. Resident’s well are salty so the fulfillment of clean water needs is obtained from springs in the Ujung Kulon National Park area. Problems found there are murky water on rainy season, and unprotected upstream channel which make the pipeline is blocked due to leaves entering through main channel. People awareness toward good sanitation and healthy behavior is low. It becomes a challenge.

Next Cigorondong village, spring water located on National Park area. The problem found here almost the same with previous one, murky water on rainy season. Mangrove found in beach line of Cigorondong which then used to dispose excreta. Abrasion also happen in this area.

This portrait of 3 coastal village give illustration related to community, environment and economy post tsunami. Assessment result shows that there are no buffer zone which make tsunami directly destruct residential area and no adequate clean water. Moreover, low awareness on waste management make people dispose the waste in backyard, river, and the sea. Follow up needed are public awareness on sustainable environment management and good sanitation. This is everyone concern.

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Last modified on 06 September 2019