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Management of local crops after harvest

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South Sipora, Mentawai Islands - Many regions in Indonesia have abundant local crops. As a result, crop prices have decreased significantly especially during harvest time, as is happening in the Sub-district of South Sipora, Mentawai Islands.


Bananas and taro are the main crops that are abundant in this region. Low crop prices dishearten local community resolve to cultivate and sell local crops. Hence, crops are mainly grown to feed livestock and for own-consumption.

"Bananas and taro are abundant, usually to feed cattle, and for own consumption, and the rest is left untouched because the selling price is so low." said Risman, native and local field staff in the Mentawai Islands

Yayasan Sheep Indonesia has provided training in four villages - Matobe, Saureinu, Bosua and Beriulou in South Sipora Sub-district, focusing on local post-harvest crop management. This training was conducted respectively on 11th April 2017 and 8th, 1th and 17th May 2017.

Training participants were community members, community-based organizations (CBOs), and Family Welfare Group members from respective villages. During training, bananas and taro were prepared into a variety of food products of higher economic values, such as banana chips of assorted flavours, taro sticks of assorted flavours, banana flour and banana skin crackers.

For the marketing of processed banana and taro products, one group of participants chose to sell on boats. The income could be used as capital to increase production capacity or to meet daily life needs. (RSM)

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