SHEEP Indonesia Annual Report 2018

Indonesia lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire and therefore inheres high threats of disasters. Being in the Ring of Fire and in the confluence of many earth crust means being exposed to potential hazards...


SHEEP Indonesia Annual Report 2017

Village Law brought paradigm shift towards village – from object to subject of development – that had widespread and serious ramifications. Internally, the government needed much time to change the bureaucratic mindset.


SHEEP Indonesia Annual Report 2016

In 2016 Indonesia experienced long rainy season throughout its territory, except for Sabu Raijua which endured long dry spell for up to 4 months without any rain, which caused drought and affected water availability.

SHEEP Indonesia Annual Report 2015

Food Sovereignty issue is an interesting trend in 2015, particularly in terms of peasants empowerment to promote them as "economic leaders towards foo ...