Education 12 May 2017 Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

KPT BANDAR PUSAKA – from Village to Subdistrict, from Accompaniment to Policy Advocacy.

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Bandar Pusaka, Aceh Tamiang – Revelation about the high rate of TB by Bandar Pusaka Community Health centre prompted SHEEP Indonesia (YSI) to conduct workshop with village health volunteers in the district of Bandar Pusaka. The major topic was TB management and information about the existence of TB Alliance in Babo as a precursor to the establishment of subdistrict-level alliance in Bandar Pusaka.

The alliance is extremely important in reaching out to TB patients throughout the subdistrict. This view is expressed by the chief of Bandar Pusaka Community Health Centre, H. Syamsuddin, "The subdistrict alliance will help the community health centre identify TB patients in villages. In Batu Bedulang for example, we were able to identify six TB patients thanks tot he alliance. Now some of them are in recovery.”

On Thursday 27 April 2017, the TB Alliance conducted a workshop to articulate the roles and functions of health volunteers as well as the supports needed to perform its roles and functions effectively.

This workshop led to a common understanding about the need for village and subdistrict governments in Bandar Pusaka to consider allocating operational budget for the TB alliance in its budget plan.

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