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SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY : Used Bottles as Light Source

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Sabu Raijua, NTT—Electricity is vital for human lives. Electricity is extremely useful for humans. Yet, electricity is rarely available in many areas, such as in villages where SHEEP works.

“It is dark inside the house, particularly because we use palm leaves for our roofs, and this causes many problems, such as TB for example. The other thing is that we could hardly see when dangerous animals enter the house,” says Mrs Welmince Mata Ratu, a  local neighbor hood leader in Ledetalo.

To address the problem, SHEEP introduced simple technology to bring light into the house, by turning used bottles into sources of natural light.

Mr Andi Rahmad and Wahyu Wibisono from SHEEP conducted training in Mehona and Ledetalo Villages on 25 April 2017 specifically to teach skills in turning used bottles into light source. Mr Wahyu says that it uses the same principles as other transparent media, where used plastic bottles serve to transmit sunlight into the house.  

It is simple to make. One only needs used plastic mineral water bottles, fills them with water and bleach, and install them on the roof of a house.  “The bleach prevents moss to form inside the bottle “, says Mr Wahyu.

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Last modified on 15 June 2017