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SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY: Used Pipes Converted into Corn Shredder

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Sabu Raijua, NTT – Low rainfall and water availability means that it is impossible for four villages to grow rice. Hence, they choose to grow corn as a primary commodity, because of its ability to survive with little water.

Corn is important for daily survival. People consume corn, sell it or keep it for next planting seasons. When they sell corn, they shred the corn in order to get a better price in the market. Traditionally this is done by hand (thumb).

SHEEP is aware of this practice and therefore introduces simple technology in April 2017, that makes use of used pipes to shred corn. This technology is easy to make, by converting a 5-7cm diameter pipe (slightly larger than the corn knob and inserting and securing screws into the pipe at right angles. This tool is easy to use, by inserting the corn knob band twisting it until the corn separates from the knob.
Wahyu Wibisono (SHEEP staff) explains, “..this tool allows people to save time. Normally people need 8-10 minutes/corn when using their thumb to separate the corn from the knobs, now they only need 2-3 minutes. Hopefully, this simple tool help people increase productivity.”

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Last modified on 15 June 2017